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Latyka Group

Innovation & Ideas that move the world

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Our Story

Humbleness, Resilience & Grit: Foundations of Our Journey

Our story unfolded from a single challenge: the determination to uncover opportunities that defy or transcend the usual ways of thinking. Embracing this mindset of resilience, we've championed innovative thought processes that foster both personal and professional advancement. This commitment to creativity not only elevates job satisfaction and self-fulfillment but also significantly enhances the loyalty and performance of both our customers and team members. Through humility, we learn and grow; with resilience, we overcome obstacles; and powered by grit, we achieve enduring success.

Our products and services are designed to satisfy all of our customers, anytime, anywhere within our realm of expertise: Logistics & Trade.

We are committed to customer satisfaction as our top priority.

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Our Values

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There is more than one way!

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Listen, learn, share and empower others.

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A state of mind to achieve, to survive & to overcome. Being resourceful

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Our word is our bond. Working with honesty & accountability.

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Customer-focused & Constant Care

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Provides improved efficiency and productivity.

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Our Portfolio

To enhance agility and drive innovation, each subsidiary within our portfolio operates autonomously, steadfastly adhering to our foundational core values.


Last Mile Delivery Solutions

World map with logistic network distribu

Import & Export Global Trade

Workplace of the air traffic controllers in the control tower. Team of professional aircra

Turning everyday data into strategic information through our supply chain optimization and protection.

Factory worker using application on mob

We proudly represent & distribute great brands in Local Markets


Exceptional Locations that nobody can skip

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Business Knowledge Outsourcing (BKO), and Nearshoring services

a man using digital tablet, and modern buildings hologram. Real estate business and buildi

Commercial Real Estate

Strategic Locations & Market Trends

Feeding chickens and raising them indoors on the farm.jpg

Poultry Farming

Farming Excellence, Feather by Feather

Ice Cream Classic Signs

Quality-In-Time Assured

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Contact Us

510 Eccles Ave
South San Francisco, CA 94080

+1 (415) 315-9781

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